Nonprofit Security Grant Resources

Montana DES has developed a record of valuable Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) resources designed to help sub-recipients manage their awarded Nonprofit Security grant. It is strongly encouraged that all sub-recipients read through the NSGP State Guidance as it contains important information covering areas such as but not limited to: NSGP program overview, grant requirements, unallowable costs, status reports, reimbursement requests, and deadlines. In addition to the State Guidance there are other resource documents and form templates made available to sub-recipients to utilize as needed.  

Below you will find the provided NSGP resources associated with its corresponding grant year. Sub-recipients should contact their District Grant Coordinator with questions regarding any of the following resources made available.


For a copy of the application and investment justification form you may download and save the button below, if you have questions or issue contact your district Preparedness Grant Coordinator.

 FY23 Nonprofit Grant Application & Investment Justification