Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant

What is FMA?

The Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) program makes federal funds available to states, U.S. territories, Indian tribal governments, and local communities to reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings and structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

 Who is Eligible?

  • Local governments, including cities, townships, counties, special district governments, and Indian tribal governments (including federally recognized tribes who choose to apply as subapplicants), are considered sub-applicants and must submit sub-applications to their state/territory/tribal Applicant agency.
  • Certain political subdivisions (i.e., regional flood control districts or county governments) may apply and act as sub-applicants if they are part of a community that is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) where the political subdivision provides zoning and building code enforcement or planning and community development professional services for that community.
  • Sub-applicants are required to have a FEMA-approved Local or Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan in accordance with 44 CFR Part 201 by the Application deadline and at the time of obligation.

When is the Application Cycle?

The application cycle opens when FEMA releases the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Typically, this is released September 30 of each calendar year.

What is the Cost Share?                  

Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant -  75% federal / 25% local
Repetitive Loss* -     90% Federal / 10% Local
Severe Repetitive Loss* -      Up to 100% federal


What are Eligible Project Types?

  • Project Scoping
  • Community Flood Mitigation Projects
  • Technical assistance
  • Flood Hazard mitigation Planning
  • Individual Flood Mitigation Projects

What is the Period of Performance?

36 months after federal award

How do I develop an application?

To develop and submit an application you must:

  • Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to MT DES
  • Have access to FEMA GO. (Follow the instructions provided in the link provided below or reach out to the Mitigation Team.)

2023 Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants- Notice of Funding Opportunity

2023 Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants - Fact Sheet


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