Exercise & Training Supporting Documents

When FEMA updated the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) in 2020, the Training and Exercise Plan (TEP) was transitioned to the Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP) to better incorporate risk assessments, planning efforts and other preparedness activities into exercise planning and a jurisdiction’s overall preparedness program.  The IPP should combine efforts across the areas of planning, organizing/equipping, training, exercising, and evaluating/improving. Find more information about the IPP and the HSEEP update at: https://www.fema.gov/emergency-managers/national-preparedness/exercises/hseep

The multi-year IPP is a roadmap for jurisdictions to build and test local capabilities. The IPP should include overall program priorities, training goals and a schedule of exercises. An IPP template has been provided below, along with an example. You are not required to use this template- it is provided only as a resource. FEMA also has an example IPP that can be viewed by clicking here. The IPP may be used to support or augment an EMPG work plan

Integrated Preparedness Plan Template

Integrated Preparedness Plan Example

Montana's most recent Integrated Preparedness Plan can be viewed at the link below.  The IPP outlines the overall priority areas for preparedness activities in the next 1-2 years. The multi-year calendar is a draft and is subject to change depending on availability and scheduling conflicts.

MT DES Integrated Preparedness Plan

Exercises afford organizations the opportunity to evaluate capabilities and assess progress toward meeting capability targets in a controlled, low-risk setting. An effective corrective action program develops improvement plans that are dynamic documents, with corrective actions continually monitored and implemented as part of improving preparedness.

The following after-action review (AAR) templates are available for use. FEMA has additional resources that can be found here.

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) uses a common approach for planning, conducting, and evaluating individual exercises. An effective exercise program maximizes efficiency, resources, time, and funding by ensuring a coordinated and integrated approach to building, sustaining, and delivering capabilities.
Below are some templates and resources to assist in exercise program needs. More can be found at: https://preptoolkit.fema.gov/web/hseep-resources